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Lola and Annaliese pose for a selfie. They are both smiling.

Transformational Magic for Trans Women!

GET READY to look and feel the best you ever have! With the perfect hair, makeup and clothing for your body, girllllll— you’re gonna LOVE it. Everything is going look FABULOUS and you'll feel aligned with your true self.

This exciting day is designed with trans women in mind.
We’ll start with styling your beautiful hair, or go to the Wig Shop. Next, you’ll try on beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories in a private fitting room. My favorite make up artist Julie Rae will do your transformational makeup and give you a makeup lesson to teach you daytime and evening looks.
What’s next? We can go out for lunch, dinner or cocktails as your beautiful, glamorous self.

Gina, a trans community leader, models a burgundy dress with a cut-out. She is smiling and wearing long gold earrings.

Your Day of Beauty

Priced according to your services requested

(Usually takes 5-6 hours)


Choose from:

Hair Shopping or

Styling your own Hair,

Makeup Shopping,

Makeup Transformation,

Clothes Shopping,

Bra Fitting,


Ear Piercing

The Shopping Experience of  Your Dreams!

I will set up a private fitting room filled will clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup just for you. Get the sexy, gender affirming looks you’ve always craved.

MTF Hair Transformation Magic

Shoshana and Annaliese pose with shopping bags outside the Wig Shop in Los Angeles.
Lola, a trans woman with short blonde hair poses for a photo wearing professional clothing.

Hair is A Girl's Superpower

Girl, let's help you find the right color, cut and style to get the beautiful hair of your dreams! We’ll get your hair cut and colored, or shop together for the perfect wig, topper or hair extensions at my favorite wig shop in Los Angeles!

MTF Transformational Makeup

Annaliese is pictured smiling while she shows a client how to apply makeup.

You and I will shop for the perfect makeup before your makeover I'll teach you what to buy based on your skin tone and lifestyle. Next, Julie will give you your glam beauty makeover. You'll receive a makeup lesson to teach you daytime and evening looks that you can record on your phone for future reference.

"Annaliese is the perfect companion to help you realize the person you know you are, but others don’t see. She is professional, stylish, and most importantly to me, sincere in her encouragement to help me feel comfortable being who I am. I loved my day with her. From wig shopping, to makeup lessons, to clothes shopping, Annaliese was the best friend that I always wanted. She made me feel like I was special. From bra sizing to clothing and shoe sizing, I never felt judged or rushed.
The day went by too fast, but the memories are with me for a lifetime. If you are struggling to find your style, or even just wanted to have a girls day pampering yourself, you owe yourself a day with Annaliese. You’ll be so happy you did."


"Annaliese truly made me feel like the person I am, Being mature (over 50) I thought my time had passed to be able to express who I really am!  After my initial consult with Annaliese, I felt comfortable to plan some time with her. I cannot express how liberating it was to have someone to guide me and support me as I go on this journey. Thank you Annaliese for your kindness and empathy."


A Safe Space for Your Transformation

Everyone in my team is affirming and trans-friendly. With me by your side, your experience will be safe, discreet, and SO much fun! (In-person services based in Pasadena, CA)

Don't Want Your Day of Beauty to End?

It doesn't have to! Enjoy a 24/7 fem getaway retreat at my beautiful home in Los Angeles for an extended experience to present as your true self. 


 I'm Holding Space For Your Magic to Unfold 

Let's schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation and the AnnalieseStyle team will work their magic to create YOUR gender euphoria. Choose from online or in-person experiences. 💃

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