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The Butterfly House is an exclusive retreat center in Los Angeles, CA for transitioning women who are not presenting full-time quite yet.

Your Uninterrupted Girl Heaven Awaits

Would you love to have an extended experience and present as your fem self 24/ 7?
I’m inviting you for a weekend getaway at my beautiful home in Los Angeles, minutes away from Pasadena, where we can have lunch, shop, all as your true self the ENTIRE TIME!!

Enjoy a peaceful stay in the Chrysalis Room where you will emerge transformed.

Have You Always Known That You're a Woman?

This offering is for you if you have feelings of wanting to transition and need a clear guided path for your transition. This service is NOT for you if you are sexually aroused by feminization. 

My intention is to provide a safe space for expression, unfolding and soul alignment with your true self. You’ll have my expert eye for clothing hair, and makeup and feminine comportment lessons if you so desire.

Your Dream Getaway

Me and Caragh

We'll start with your Day of Beauty Makeover
Enjoy the best of California cuisine
Let's get dressed up for dinner and go out on the town
Fun outings such as shopping and getting our nails done
Watch a rom-com wearing our jammies and eat junk food!

Me and Summer

The Butterfly House, Pasadena, CA

Veranda At the Butterfly House in Pasadena, California. A safe space to get away and explore your trans identity
Butterfly House 3
I'll help you create a clear path forward for your MTF Transition.

A Clear Path Forward...

As our time winds down together and you return home, I encourage you to enter into my coaching program where you’ll have my sisterly support and an action plan, and tools on how to integrate back into your life after your new found beautiful experience and a clear path on how to move forward.

Let's schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation and the AnnalieseStyle team will work their magic to create YOUR gender euphoria. Choose from online or in-person experiences. 💃

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