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Exclusive Butterfly Coaching

Are you a trans woman embarking on a journey of metamorphosis?
Do you need someone to stand by your side and guide you, at your pace, as you step in to your true self? My coaching program is your safe chrysalis for your beautiful transformation. By my side, you will move from feeling overwhelmed and hopeless, to confident and empowered.

I'm here to be that guiding light. I believe you can have the life you’ve always dreamed of. I have helped countless women embrace their new lives, and I can help you too. I’m not just your coach;
I'm your style curator, your home decorator, your companion for gender-affirming surgeries, and the host of your fabulous girly birthday party.

Annaliese and Caragh out to brunch.

I will be there holding your hand, guiding you as you spread your wings.

This Coaching is For You If... 

~ You have been wavering back and forth on your transition for a long time
~ You find yourself in an unsupportive relationship

~You feel lost and overwhelmed on how, where & when to start presenting

~ You feel hopeless without a support system or a community

Butterflies and Mushrooms

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" — Anaïs Nin

What You'll Receive...

1. Receive support and ideas to nurture your femme self when you’re not fully out

Allow yourself the pleasure and ritual of feminizing. Step in further into the women you are with customized hair, makeup, and clothing selected just for you.


2. Tap into your feminine intuition and the feminine divine

Awaken and activate your inner feminine essence with meditative self-care practices to elevate you and align with your soul's deepest desire.


3. Navigating personal or family relationships as you come into your true self

I'll accompany you to your gender-affirming surgeries, helping you navigate your personal relationships, and organizing next steps—like new living situations, complete with decoration of your new space!


4. Fully stepping into you!

Guiding you through the integration of your fem self in work, relationships, and family.

Why Choose Annaliese?

My unique skill set has empowered numerous women to step into their most authentic lives. I have an innate ability to synthesize transformation with the specific needs of trans women. It's an honor to be on this transformative journey with you.


Have you always known that you're a woman?

Under my supportive umbrella, you'll find a safe space to explore your identity. I've been working alongside the LGBTQIA+ community since 2002, and the trans community since 2016. I bring a deep wealth of expertise to guide you through your unique transformation. Let's embark on this journey  together, where you'll step into the woman you're meant to be—and create self-love and empowerment along the way.

Coaching Testimonials

"I cannot explain how hard transitioning is when no one in your life really supports you. I have had to do so many things on my own with no one to hold my hand. I have had to face things that scare me with no one in my corner encouraging me that it will be ok. Annaliese filled my mind with nice thoughts and told me nice things about myself, words I never hear." 

"Thank you so much. Your suggestion for some girl time picked me up today. I'm about to run a bubble bath before bed and continue shopping the links you sent me. I'm happy I listened to you. I can go to sleep tonight feeling happy, cute, pretty, and very affirmed. I also wanted to thank you for being someone that doesn't question who I am and just sees me as the girl I wish I was born as. So much of the world isn't like that."

Butterflies and Mushrooms

I'm here to bring out the magic in your transformational journey.

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