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Annaliese will accompany you to your MTF gender affirming surgeries if you need some support! After, we can go shopping and put together some outfits for the new, gorgeous you.

I Got You, Girl

" I realized Annaliese was something
akin to a midwife in a rebirthing moment."

Scheduling your MTF procedures and Need Some Emotional Support? 

Whether it's Facial Feminization surgery, Voice Feminization, or Breast Augmentation, I will accompany you to your gender-affirming procedures and give you the loving, sisterly care you've always wanted.

I got you girl! Leave the details to me---I'll help ease the stress of planning a surgery by coordinating the entire experience from flights to accommodations, and transportation. It’s your time to be cared for. While you're recovering, we’ll have some girl time, do some fun shopping and have a slumber party! I will help with your medications, provide nourishing food and take you to your pre and post-op appointments.

Annaliese and Summer Selfie While Shopping
Summer relaxing post-surgery in her silk robe from Kim Ono

24 Hour Care (in a hotel or Airbnb of your choosing)

Transportation to Pre and Post-Op Appointments

Monitor & Administer Medications and Post-Operative Care Instructions

Provide nourishing food & smoothies to help you heal

You will feel safely held as you recuperate. I will 100% be there for you.

Feel the Transformational Magic While You Recover

While you're recuperating, you’ll have my full attention and expertise to create hair, makeup and clothing looks for you! We'll shop together before and after your surgery and put together fabulous outfits while you're recovering.

Surgery Buddy Testimonial

"If I was sitting in all alone waiting for surgery, I would have probably emotionally broken down. Annaliese filled my mind with nice thoughts and told me nice things about myself, words I never hear. The unexpected part of the whole process was that I got to have my first slumber party! We played dress up, ate junk food and watched a rom-com. Reflecting later on those days, I realized Annaliese was something akin to a midwife in a rebirthing moment. My physical recovery was amazing and I don't think it would have gone so smoothly without her. Thank you Annaliese, I love you sister."


Let's schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation and the AnnalieseStyle team will work their magic to create YOUR gender euphoria. Choose from online or in-person experiences. 💃

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