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Image: Annaliese, LGBTQ stylist is checking out a sequined jacket on Alex, a fashionable queer person. Get style coaching however you identify your gender.

Styling For You, However You Present

I feel honored to have worked for over 20 years with the full spectrum of gender identities, from non-binary individuals, to trans masculine folks, and anyone who identifies as gender non-comforming.

What Will I Receive When I Book with Annaliese?

We'll start with your 30 minute complementary consultation so we can connect and talk about your needs.

After you book your session, you’ll share your style goals and Pinterest board, so I can get a sense of the looks you would like to create.

Knowledge is Power

Once I've looked at your style inspo, we’ll book a time to meet, either on zoom or in person, to talk about your existing wardrobe. I'll go through what you have and determine what to keep, alter, or donate. I'll educate you on the fine art of emphasizing areas you wish to accentuate while deemphasizing others.

Find out how to determine your size in men's clothing, shop for pants that deemphasize your hips, and accessorize your outfits in a way that feels true to you.

Let's Go Shopping!

I'll take you shopping to my favorite consignment and thrift stores.
My belief is reuse, recycle, repurpose.
I'll teach you how to shop for your body, shop effectively, save money and up your style game.

I'm able to create the same experience online using secondhand thrifting sites.
I work with clients from all over the world! Wherever you are, I will create the gender-affirming looks you’ve always craved.

Styling a Client in Goodwill

Your  Transformation

...Is custom tailored to you.
Book by the hour, or save money by booking a three hour package with Annaliese.
Find the look and confidence you've always dreamed of. 

Let's Find Your Unique Style

Get styled UP!


"Annaliese upped my wardrobe game and took my self confidence to a whole new level. I thought I had a wardrobe that was stylish and authentically “me” before, but Annaliese helped me identify areas where I was holding back based on old conditioning. We got to the root of some of my issues, which freed me up to try things that I previously thought I couldn’t pull off. The results were transformational!"



"Annaliese patiently and caringly worked with me to help overcome my concerns. I learned how to express myself in a way which felt true to my self, utilizing my wardrobe and style to better my knowledge of sizing, silhouettes, and structure. She not only gave me the tools to better understand how to present my best self to the outside world, she also gave me the tools to further my understanding of who I am."



Book your free 30 minute consultation and Annaliese will create the gender euphoric wardrobe of your dreams!
Choose from online or in-person shopping experiences from a one-hour session to a full day of styling.

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