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Transgender & Crossdresser Makeover Services in Los Angeles


Your Dream MTF Makeover Experience!

With the perfect hair, makeup and clothing—you’re gonna feel so beautiful and sexy!

 We’ll start with styling your hair or making a fun trip to a hair shop! Try on beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories in a private fitting room. Professional makeup artist Julie Rae will do your transformational makeup! You'll also receive a beginner-friendly makeup lesson that you can record on your phone for future reference.

What's Next?

Annaliese goes out to a Stevie Nicks concert with client Summer.

Let's go out to lunch, dinner or cocktails as your beautiful, sexy self!

Gina, a trans community leader, models a burgundy dress with a cut-out. She is smiling and wearing long gold earrings.

A La Carte Service Menu

Build Your DREAM Makeover

Priced according to your services requested 

(In-Person Sessions are typically 5-6 hours)


Choose from....

Hair Shopping or

Styling your own Hair,

Makeup Shopping,

Makeup Transformation,

Clothes Shopping & Bra Fitting,


Ear Piercing

The Shopping Experience of  Your Dreams!

 With the right clothing styles, silhouettes and colors for you, we will completely transform your look!

We'll go shopping together, or if you're shy, I will set up a private fitting room filled will clothing, shoes, accessories and makeup just for you. Get the sexy, gender affirming looks you’ve always craved!

MTF Hair Magic


I'll help you find the right color, cut and style to get the beautiful hair of your dreams! We’ll get your hair cut and colored at the salon, or shop together for the perfect hair at my favorite hair shop in Los Angeles. Feel beautiful and confident in your new look!

Lola, a trans woman with short blonde hair poses for a photo wearing professional clothing.
Annaliese is pictured smiling while she shows a client how to apply makeup.

Professional Makeup Transformation for MTF Women

You and I will shop for your very own makeup and skincare kit. I'll teach you what to buy based on your skin tone and lifestyle.

My professional makeup artist, Julie, will give you a 
glam beauty makeover in her private space! You'll also receive a makeup lesson to teach you feminine daytime and evening looks that you can record on your phone for future reference.

Can't Come Out to LA? I Work with Women From All Over the World

Don't live near LA? No Problem! I will 100% find you the perfect hair, makeup, and clothing via Zoom! No matter where you are, I can create the perfect fem look you've lusted after—completely remotely. My clients especially enjoy my one-on-one virtual makeup lessons.

Rebecca, a client from Luxembourg

"Annaliese is a star. She and I have been working remotely as I live in Luxenberg, but had a conference in the states and wanted to meet with her in person. I had an evening and half a day in LA. Everything had to work like clockwork. She took me out for dinner, the first time I was presenting as Rebecca. We laughed and connected, and I felt immediately at ease. We visited a few stores, where she had put aside several items for me the day before my arrival. She found so many amazing things for me. I am so excited as now I will feel beautiful and confident, as I am planning to come out in my professional life in the near future."


Malibu Shore

A Fem Weekend Getaway For You...

Searching for your 24/7 Fem Heaven? Enjoy a weekend retreat in an Airbnb of your choice in beautiful Los Angeles for an extended experience to present as your true self!

Holding Space For Your Magic to Unfold...
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