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Gender Affirming Resources

Feel supported through all aspects of your transition...

As you unfold in your transition, there are many ways to ground and soothe yourself. Step into your joy and feel more aligned with your true self. I hope you find these beautiful, heart-centered people helpful. My team is continuously adding more wonderful folks to share with you!


Dr. Z PHD Gender Therapist

Dr. Z PHD Gender Therapist
Dr. Natalia P Zhikhareva, PhD

On Your Terms: Gender Transition Redefined For Adults by Dr. Z PHD
Casey Weitzman LMFT
Grace O'Connor LMFT


Johnnie Joy Blue Trans Masculine Healer

Johnnie Joy Blue

Alternative Healing Guide

"I'm a healer, educator, consultant, and founder of TransNeuroshment. My work is to act as a guide through collaborative and contemplative connection, to help you find your unique path to radical self-love."

Tawni Acosta Hypnotherapist

Tawni Acosta

Hypnotherapist & Coach

"Through the powerful techniques of hypnotherapy and transformative coaching, we'll embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, understanding, and growth"

Jasmine Vine MTF Transgender Fem Voice Coach

Jasmine Vine

Fem Voice Coach

"As someone who overcame my adversities and thrived, my mission now is to take my experience over the years to be there to make a difference for other trans people now. To make your journeys better than mine was."

Ashley Adamson_1.jpg

Ashley Adamson

Femininity Coach


Dr. Z Gender Therapist Interviews AnnalieseStyle

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These healing practitioners are folks I personally use and love.

Mandy Ingber

Personalized Yoga Instructor & Astrologer

Let's schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation and the AnnalieseStyle team will work their magic to create YOUR gender euphoria. Choose from online or in-person experiences. 💃

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