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Sexy Closet Makeover!

It’s spring!

Let’s organize your closet and make some fresh fabulous new outfits!

First, move those bulky winter clothes deep in your closet or pack them up and hide them under your bed. Move out your pretty light weight clothes and dresses and sandals, and let’s make some outfits.

I helped Stephanie organize and get her closet ready for spring and I can help you too.

Let’s discover what you’re missing and go #shopping!


1. Organize-- Create a keep, donate, and alteration pile. If you get stuck, put the item aside and process it later. Keep the flow going!

2. Rotate-- Put fall and winter clothes away in the back of your closet or boxed up under your bed. Move spring and summer clothes up front and organize them by item and color.

3. Shop your closet-- After you have organized & purged, make the most out of your existing wardrobe.- Find out which items you're missing, so going forward you can get dressed easier.- Take pictures of yourself in outfits you like to get a visual reference.- Move your Spring and Summer scarves, belts, handbags, and shoes where you can see them, so you can integrate them into your new fresh wardrobe!

4. Thrift-- Save money by thrifting! Utilize sites like Poshmark, Thredup, Tradesy and eBay. Search for your favorite brands and filter by size for easy shopping.


Annaliese ♥️

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